Music beyond all description

After years of gigs and festivals all over Western Europe and a long experience in one of the most famous Italian ska band, “Numa Sosa & The Guachos” bet on the experience gained and talent and concoct an original mix of world music flavoured with rock, beat and latin influences.Long ago a cool and mysterious young boy from Argentina with an insane passion for the groove, decided to leave the loneliness of the Andes in search of “the secret of music Luckily, the sad and lonely man bumped into some smart buddies, who soon became his fellow travelers, The Guachos: The shrewd of the scoresheet, The valorous of the drum kick, The vicious of the walkingA bulletproof band was ready to play: Numa Sosa and the Guachos, music beyond all description!A groovy and modern Pachanka, the result of hard work and experience . Are you experienced?

2010 Winner of Cafè Teatro Contest
2010 Promo Recording
2010 Live in Zagreb @ Purgeraj
2011 Winner of "Va Sul Palco" - Giuria Giovani
2011 Live in Bilbao @ Urrutirock
2012 Winner of CORTISONICI video contest\ Videoclip
2012 Germany Tour
2012 "Margherita" out with Ubersee Records
2012 Album Recording