Oblomov - Slumber Gate

23/12/2015 - 19:32 Scritto da Oblomov Oblomov 10

From "Emotional Garbage" (2019)
Music & lyrics by Oblomov)

Half-asleep, don't live, don't dream
Unpack your luggage filled with steam
A timely caffeine, a boundary between
Bodies misnamed and useless words for unreal things
Inhale the gas of rotten clothes, unpack the vapour, distil your robe
Worthless names for visionary things

He who has never hoped, never sought, never got bored
He who has never hoped can never despair

A daily mortal spin, a border line unseen
Evolution forms electric slaves
Half-awake through the slumber gate
Surrounded by an immaterial faith

Collect your pet animals, chemicals, protocols and pretend it's fair
He who has never hoped, never sought
He who has never planned needed not the weatherman
He who has never hoped can never despair

Video excerpts from "Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed" by Lotte Reiniger (1926)

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