Band Post Rock/Metal atmosferico psichedelico

Day After Day are an alternative/progressive rock/metal band from Treviso. Born in 2011 from an idea of Michele d’Ambros, stage name “Mitch” (first guitar), who would like to experiment a different kind of music that don’t necessary have to be classified.Fabio (voice and guitars) and Marco (drums) joined the band, and immediately they start working on a concept album inspired by a famous horror book. The style was very strange, thanks to the dissonant harmonies, and the various polyrhythmic riffs made by guitars. The band still can’t find out a bass player, so Fabio, by using lot of effects, decided to give to his guitar a more oriented bass sound. After that, Day After Day start playing some gigs in contest and pub with other bands near Venice and in 2013; they played some gigs in Tuscany too.Finally Elia Dalla Pola, a friend of Mitch and Fabio, joined the band as a bass player, giving new influences by writing his own bass lines. The band decided to leave the second guitar for a synth, played by Fabio, which started also to effect his voice, making the sound lot more of atmospherics. After mounths of hard work and practise, the songs were now more complete and definitely mirror the new sound of the band. After that, Day After Day decided to record the most representative tracks of the entire concept album and as a result, we had an EP which contains the old songs refreshed by new ideas in terms of composition, new instruments and so a totally different sound. The band now is searching of a label and in the meantime working on the new album. Stay Tuned!