Biografia Oolite

Biografia Oolite

Sperimentale, Elettronico, Acustico 


who knows where to go...

OOLITE is a musical and visual project created by vito pagliarulo. The concept is about creating and playing experimental sounds useful to explain the world inside the mind. The point is to put in music the impressions and the oneiric shadows of every thought. As every thought and/or impression could be different from others so the sound could be influenced by differents kind of music.
It's an acoustic/experimental/electonic project trying to walk the way of mixing sounds, kind of music, emotions, impressions...
Everything is used for travelling without moving.

The concept OOLITE was born in the summer of 2005, at the end of any vito pagliarulo guitarist/singer experiences.
After having played for years rock, funky, fusion, he decided to switch into a brand new musical-experimental-electro-acoustic experience.

The project was born as a “one-man-band” but in the first record, WAX-WORK (2008), some friend came up giving a musical support.
It was a nice experience and it's not be ruled out that this thing will be supported again!

After a long time passed, it was released the second record YAWN (2015). Now it's actually available in most of the musical channels on web.

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