Paola & Chiara Morphine Testo Lyrics

Paola & Chiara Morphine Testo Lyrics


Milano, Lombardia

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Testo della canzone

You are the best
you feel on top
you'll never see
so you you'll never stop
you wanna be
a superstar
you run your race
you'll never go far
d'you like your job?
d'you like your friends?
how long d'you think
you can pretend?
you're just a man
you're made of flesh
you're one of us
put yourself to the test

I don't need your morphine
I don't need your dope
had enough of all these lies 'cause you'll never cut
I don't need your morphine it's bringing me down
stop to talk your nothing there's so much pain around

the business man
you're cars and cash
you and you're pussygirls
you're gonna crash
is life a game? it's such a shame
there's no control no point of return
you think it's fine
you've crossed the line
your love has gone
the damage is done
you think it's good and it'a a sin
and time will tell if you'll loose or win
it's just such a waste of time
we can make it all right

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album Win The Game - Paola & Chiara

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