Paolo Conte - Talent scout man testo lyric


The trees are in blossom
And I long to dance
But I strongly hope the world will
Observe me deeply
And once again turn around and observe me,
And the traffic will stop in Constantinople...
You who have made a fortune, Esther,
Leave some for me,
Leave me in the jingle of your jewellery
And in the ways of your victory,
I don?t want too much, I only want
You to lead me to the beginning
And all the others: Ethel, Bessie, Ivy...
I detest you....

Gimme the phone number of your talent scout
Gimme the address of your impossible man
Gimme, gimme, gimme... I want this magic for me
Gimme the arms of your talent scout man!


La canzone Talent scout man si trova nell'album Razmataz uscito nel 2000 per CGD Eastwest.

Copertina dell'album Razmataz, di Paolo Conte

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