Paolo Conte - That's my opinion testo lyric


You want me, you call me
To play... to be...
Collection? Election? Or jealousy?
We are so nice together... so tenderly...
But you?re so true when you are free... dear,
That?s my opinion: the world is mad
On the Grand Canyon
Sky?s turning red
Another country, other places...
A plane is racing in the spaces...
But my opinion, my gentle thrill,
Is not important...
What a spinning wheel!
Another feeling to play... to be...
Wild as that deep blue sea!


You want me
To play or to be?
But you call me, dear...


La canzone That's my opinion si trova nell'album Razmataz uscito nel 2000 per CGD Eastwest.

Copertina dell'album Razmataz, di Paolo Conte

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