Descrizione PBMrec

Ladies and Gentlemen,
We are glad to welcome you all to the wonderful musical worlds of PBMrec, the Pinball Machine independent label that will let you experience the infinite dept that voices, strings, and skins can fall into your soul.
PBMrec germinates in the city of Turin back in 2001, when took over the task of bringing to public ears the lirycs of her first two bands. Since then, snow has fallen over the sunshine of the seasons, and the number of musicians resting over her roots, or wondering around her branches has grown, and nowadays the young leaves can comfortably relax upon her bark.
Since her inception, the PBMrec revolutionary thought were based upon the idea of creating a free and accessible space of music and ideas. A space where sounds, sights and thoughts could merge and be there for each and every one.
PBMrec only carry out a few favourite things, which may be drawn in a few sentences:
Musics flow through PBMrec being freely available and downloadable from the web. The bands and their public meet and know each other.
Music is recorded at the Fiftydoors Recording Studio.
Bands are promoted through the organization of concerts and events.
Organization of the Love Camping Festival in Marciaso (MS-Italy)
We sincerely hope you’ll have a tasteful and relaxing experience on our tunes.


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