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Testo della canzone

How do you do
please to meet you
how are you boy?
Can you hear me?

Hallo, it's late
this place is dark
no one will come


Hello, I said
the man stood still
no blood at all
it's gone

I've heard you scream
your pain in vain
away from home

Hallo, it's late
this place is dark
no one will come

I've been watching
snow flakes falling
all those soldiers
buried in a white grave

When he moved his hand
I took it in mines and then
it seemed like the sky
came falling down

Like mother to her sleeping son
like blood to blood and drip some more
like mother am I going to die?
I feel so weak I just cant' cry
Like mother is this my own bed
you should have seen the one I had
you stick to it and never sleeped
the noise so high so bass so deep

Hello mother I can feel the presence

Album che contiene Passed Away

album Waiting to happen - Perturbazione
Waiting to happen 1998 - Cantautore, Rock, Alternativo On/Off Records

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