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Testo della canzone

Last time I saw her
she has been laid
naked and covered in sperm
while a small rip of blood
spread on the floor
running in between her legs

Last thing that she saw
was someone she knew
slipping a can in her mouth
then she lost control
still squeezeng her breast
too drunk to feel any pain

Oh, I saw her standing there

Last time they saw her
she'd been portraid
laid on a metal table
left on page fifteen
flashlights highlight
cigarette's burns on her skin
seems like long ago
what's left of her now?
Seems like she's been done
over and over
each one

waiting to happen...

Last thing she recalled
she had been told
you've got the best tits on earth
first time she played dead
she was thirteen
naked and covered in sin

Last time I saw her
she had been laid
on an old taxi backseat
while a small rip of blood
spread on the floor
running in between her legs

Album che contiene Tralala

album Waiting to happen Perturbazione
Waiting to happen 1998 - Cantautoriale, Rock, Alternativo On/Off Records

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