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PH-ARM was formed in 2010, from the union of four Roman musicians, formerly involved in different areas of the world of music since their younger years. Victor (lead voice) had been producing/creating dance music for many years, Press (bass & voice) and Ricky (drums) were collaborating in metal/hard-rock projects. Last but not least, Alex Von Martin (dj) came from the techno-minimal universe.
Their four backgrounds melt into one sound, very close to Dubstep, thanks to the personal contribution of each one of the group members. Their sound is innovative and eludes the traditional way of making and understanding electronic music. In no time the band produced its first album. Their work immediately attracted the attention of many professionals who allowed PH-ARM to perform, on the stages of the most important clubs in Rome, before the concerts of artists like Pendulum, South Central, Gtronic, Cyberpunkers, Logistics, Zombie Disco Squad, Pink Is Punk, Dave Clarke, etc.
It's just in one of these parties that they met Kombo, the sound engineer who became the fifth band's element.
PH-ARM are not only a music group but also a project that embodies a wide spectrum of young artists who come from different art forms such as graphics, design and cinematography. As a result their musical production is totally innovative, far from any norm and definition. Their live shows are the result of innovation, originality and a great deal of technical work together with a continuous flow of creativity.

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