Planet Funk - The Great Shake testo lyric


Once a while you are lost inside
Once again you stay up all night
Once a while you wanna feel alright
Once again there is no end in sight

The great shake is all it takes
You can't escape, it all relates
All the things you can't control,
Wait for me, I want be long

Let me go higher
I want to go faster
You want to stay wired
And you want to go faster

Fresh air can make you choke
It's unfair when I provoke
A sentiment of your desire
You stay the creep, I'll be the liar


La canzone The Great Shake si trova nell'album The Great Shake + 2 uscito nel 2011.

Copertina dell'album The Great Shake + 2, di Planet Funk

L'articolo Planet Funk - The Great Shake testo lyric di Planet Funk è apparso su il 2002-06-22 00:00:00


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