Plebs - Deserter testo lyric


you will follow in dad?s footsteps taking care of prestige we have
so you?ll take home your trophies you?ll take home the skin of your victims
you will serve our country and your name will be written in history

I?ve only waited for my growth just to desert without remorse
I will tell my dad I?m in jail ?cause I refuse to kill

you will make respect the rules now leave for the front see you soon
if you die in these fields your honour will be safe that?s all they love to say
it?s the outburst for your aggressiveness don?t care about the cost

if you?re thinking that I?m going to take aim consider one soldier less
I have the guts to die but not to kill good bye see you out of this mess

violence for your kids you want for them the best destiny
they?ll learn how to pull their triggers to kill the enemy
their parents will be proud there?s nothing bad to say
one day my children will think the opposite way I hope


La canzone Deserter si trova nell'album The 3rd Secret uscito nel 2003 per U.d.U Records - Ululati dall'Underground.

Copertina dell'album The 3rd Secret, di Plebs

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