Plebs - Feeling guilty testo lyric


my head will soon explode too many bad images in front of my eyes
a little voice comes from the deep repeating the same words and I can guess why

in my mind everything goes back to the same and only one page
full of pain and sorrow full of humans with no face

it gets worse day by day
I?m feeling guilty and responsible
there?s nothing to say they die and we play
now I should learn to bring myself down
I?m feeling guilty tell me I?m guilty
someone please makes me cry
that?s something I?ve never tried
I see my face on the ground
some blood drops and so
I am here to ask for forgiveness
?cause I am not poor
I just want to surrender to
avoid an endless war I want to?

lose my family just for a moment then I?ll
try to relate to my mom the desperation

nothing can be justified of all this primitive hate and
there?s nothing left to do but putting down the sword in your hand

too many people watching all this in silence
so many simple reasons to be sick of violence


La canzone Feeling guilty si trova nell'album The 3rd Secret uscito nel 2003 per U.d.U Records - Ululati dall'Underground.

Copertina dell'album The 3rd Secret, di Plebs

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