Plebs He dies to live Testo Lyrics

Plebs He dies to live Testo Lyrics

Ska, Reggae, Punk 


Testo della canzone

he?s too tired to let his tears drop down
he?s been working for prosperity of western civilisation
he can?t smile anymore

destruction nothing makes sense
his hands are bleeding but the market?s on expansion
development pain and sorrow should not
coexist in this perfect direction

he?s got to explain to his little kids
why he?s not at home
then he?s got to fight against the sense of guilt
the battle can?t be won

silence now
his eyes are closed and
his breath is slow

he dies to live today and tomorrow nothing will change
don?t believe facing the death it?s the cruel price of life

millions of lives sacrificed to be a rich society
but I wonder where this richness is
our conscience is poor I see?

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