Plebs - Nazifrank testo lyric


Frank please tell your mom ?bout your afternoons
?bout that symbol on your shirt
tell about your way of greetin? all your friends
?bout that picture of Adolf

your mom can?t understand she thinks it?s all right
she just hasn?t found those corpses under your black bed
she just hasn?t seen those heads on your bed-side table
she just hasn?t noticed your jacket is made with Jew-skin
she just has never been present at your lectures . . .

please don?t leave him free
he?s so dangerous don?t leave him free

stop that walkin? bomb before another holocaust
what he desires he will reach
marshal one thousand tanks drill foot and horse
he?s got his picture of Adolf


La canzone Nazifrank si trova nell'album The 3rd Secret uscito nel 2003 per U.d.U Records - Ululati dall'Underground.

Copertina dell'album The 3rd Secret, di Plebs

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