Plebs - Testo Lyrics No one gets my vote

Testo della canzone

there?s something I can do and that you can do too
it?s something simple that makes me sure I?m not one of them
no one gets my vote I won?t get my rot
I will request to fuck off whoever says I fancy

I?ll not deceive myself I?ll not believe in your words and
I?m having a good time in front of this show I should cry
I want peace and nothing more
that?s all I think since I woke up and I don?t care if I?m alone
but I?m not if all my friends do not shoot me behind my back
I wouldn?t like to lose my trust

they all just agree it?s everything I see
they love to play this game and we like being the audience
apparently they fight but they share the same might
I will request to fuck off whoever says I fancy

Album che contiene No one gets my vote

album The 3rd Secret - PlebsThe 3rd Secret
2004 - Ska, Reggae, Punk U.d.U Records - Ululati dall'Underground
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