Pletypus originally formed at the end of the ’90s. It’s a musical project conceived in Legnago, a town near Verone. Pletypus gradually develop their music from typically punk rock sounds to strong and forceful ska-core sonorities influenced by rock’n’roll and swing. They worked their way out playing live in local clubs and entering contests, receiving positive responses and great satisfactions from audience and critics. In 2002, they realized a 3-songs demo-tape, “Motomarmittablu”, which took inspiration from the Italian punk-rock scene of ‘90s. It received a great and unexpected response from the audience and from the underground circuit. In 2003, they released 500 copies of their first official auto-produced 13-songs demo-tape, “Drunk like a horse”, sold at gigs, which is now out of stock. In 2003, the original drummer left the band, being replaced by Pako, who brought rock’n’roll and swing sounds and influences to the ska-core attitude of the band. Pletypus became more experienced, helped in it by the contact with national and international bands who they play with as support band: Casualties, Magazzini della Comunicazione, Pay, Bambole di Pezza, Moravagine, Forty Winks, Hello’s Punk, Takeaway, Vallanzaska, Enjoint... In April, 2005 the guys came back to the studio and signed a record deal with the Vacation House Records label, which issued the album “Bloody Mary” in 2006. In February, 2006, Pako departed in favour of Twisthead drummer Nicola. in 2008 Chainsaw's EP. Now the guys are writing and composing new songs, waiting to come back to the studio to release a new album in 2010: "Barely in the mouth of the wolf". While waiting for it, check them out at their live shows!