törst was formed in Salerno, Italy, in 1997. törst is Adriano Elia and Paolo Marcellini, former members of EXÙ. The main idea lying behind our music is trying to explore different genres while keeping our own style. Over the years, we've used sound sources as diverse as samples, violin, vocals, guitars, bass, flute, tablas, ocarina, theremin, harmonic chant, vibraphone, silence, reverb, harmonica, trumpet, balafon, e-bow, electronics, maracas, marranzano, tapes, percussion, banjo. Our CDs have had very good reviews, and the wide range of bands and genres quoted as influences is evidence of our 360° search for originality with a view towards tradition. Minimalism, post rock, experimental guitar ambient music, psychedelic folk and kraut rock have all been mentioned to describe our music. But we believe there are a lot more. Please check it out. Adriano Elia | Paolo Marcellini