Different musicians with their own experiences come from former bands, all in activity since over a decade in proximity of the city of Rome.
The band is formed by Staurt Franzoni (drums) and Andrea Fenili (lead vocals and guitar), with the help of Giulio Rimoli (bass) and Gaetano Savoca (keyboards).
Their different experiences flow into prototypeLAB and its original production, influenced by pop/prog music, great rock classics.
Rythm is pounding strong and harsh.
Results are never predictable even if the sound is rough is extremely complex.
Franzoni’s leader and composer of most of the songs; eating a gricia and drinking a good glass of wine, the four musicians practice, discuss and compose in Franzoni’s barn on the edge of the Natural Rserve of Maccarese, near Rome.
In 2015 Prototype Lab’s first album, “Mea Culpa”.