The Psychophonic Nurse -


Platinum world without a land
Make this fight in me come to end
I live abstracted by a thousand battles
Daydream of a thousand conquers

Synthetic world leave me alone
I am defeated by a silent world
In the mess and the deafening noise

Let my thoughts stop flowing
I’m really tired of searching
Kill my rationality
I’m really tired of missing it
Cease all these wars of mine
Seeing and hearing are just not for you

Words of fire burn from inside
Useless to breed a silent brain
Useless to breed a sleepin' brain

Don’t fancy scribbling, just want to die times
Be quiet a while and keep listening

Be quiet a while and keep listening
Stand still, silence is better
Hear the clouds the talks of the wind
Try to behave and don’t bring the noise

Look beyond above the colour of the sea
But keep quiet don’t you forget
Let your watch do the talking
Let the sky be the judge

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