Raf - Testo Lyrics Lava

Testo della canzone

Love, love is a danger of my life
How many tears you'd make me cry
If I could give you my heart tonight.
Oh-o-o-o, love

Another day is over.
I'm in the silence of my room
This love is just a problem
And I don't need a girl like you
You wanna be my lover
But I could see you like a friend
Don't try to tell me other.
For me it's just the end

And now your time is over
Don't try to change my point of view
I'll never be your lover.
You wanna break my heart in two
My heart is like a fire
And I don't want to die for you
You show me your desire.
My soul is not for you

Album che contiene Lava

album La prova - RafLa prova
1998 - Pop Warner Music
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