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Railster has been making music since 2000, after experimenting with local hip hop groups he released his first album: Patchwork Anthems in 2009 for ReddArmy. In the last years he has produced remixes for numerous artists like Swede:Art, Portformat, Miqi O, Apes On Tapes, Digi G’Alessio and Uxo.
Over the last few years he have released also podcast and mixes for people like Laid Back Radio (Belgium), Pixelatique (Serbia), Cascade Records (France), Astronautico (New York), Jus Like Music (London).

Railster recently has produced the project called BEAT.IT – This is not a revival: a free-download compilation that features tracks from a number of Italian underground producers, including some of the most interesting and contemporary experimental sounds.

The now London based producer has released his new EP: Fields, a dark musical trip between musical influences. This album defines his musical style after years of experimentations. Fields has been released on the 5th August 2013 by Crackling Claps, and now is available in all digital stores.

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