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Testo della canzone

I think in this cruel time
I spent much of my life
Seeing your world
Much better than mine

And now there's no reason to say
?you gotta look out for thongs babe?
Cause my heart and my soul
Are fallin' on your silled blood

There's nothing said
Nothing well
I used to pay
I used to spend
All of me
In you

We haven't made
A religion for Us
May be your luck's
In the bottom of a glass

And now babe, now babe
Escape from this prison
Escape from this prison
Of your life

Sweetest honey
Why don't you follow me
I'm gonna bring you
Into a special place
Where you can go fly high
Where you can go high ...

Dearest love
You've been my dearest love
But tell me what it means
?My dearest love?

Why don't you want a man like Me
Sweetest little honey
Sweetest little honey
Let me sing ...

Album che contiene Escape

album Love outside the window Raphael Gualazzi
Love outside the window 2005 - Cantautoriale, Pop, Jazz Edel

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