Raphael Gualazzi - Testo Lyrics Scandalize me

Testo della canzone

First of all
Take my hand
Cause we’ll never, never, never be just friends

Turn me on, turn me on!
Why don’t you try to steal for me some stars above?

Break me up,
Hold me tight!
And everything, everything’s gonna be alright

Scream my faults
Make me ashamed
Try to cut me out
baby scandalize name!

Cast me into a cruel world
Your mind’s full of misery
Look! I’m on a TV show
But they don’t sell eternity!

Why shouldn’t I love you here beside the church of God?
Bring me into the jail of life
Try to scandalize me , scandalize my name!

Now I think about all the things you said…
I never felt so alone, never felt so alone..
Could you deliver me from this world of lies?
Yeah show me the way I can hide!

Try to scandalize me ,scandalize me ,scandalize my name.

Try to scandalize me ,scandalize me ,scandalize my name.

Try to scandalize me ,scandalize me ,scandalize my name.

Album che contiene Scandalize me

album Reality and Fantasy - Raphael GualazziReality and Fantasy
2012 - Cantautore, Pop, Jazz Sugar Music
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