I Razor Wine sono un gruppo rock nato a Rimini nel 2008. Sono 4 ragazzi uniti dalla voglia di vivere e di sperimentare insieme nel mondo della musica.

Razor Wine is a rock band born in 2008 from an idea conceived by the two friends Claudio F. d’Adamo Sandri (singer and guitarist) and Antonio Mazzotti
(bass player). They decided to call the band Kerosene and their only aim was to play their favorite songs. During the first months of 2011, another line-up change occurs with the arrival of Marco Barosi on guitars, along with the new name of the band: Razor Wine. The guys started their first recording sessions for their original songs, composed with Italian lyrics and quite simple music arrangements. This mixture of odds created the perfect environment for the band to play in several occasions in Emilia Romagna. After a musical and working experience in London, Claudio came back with fresh ideas and new influences for the band. It resulted as a complete musical change in the band approach to the composing style: English lyrics, a more particular sound and refined arrangements. At the end of February 2014 a new member joined the band, Dionigi Calabretta, who will change his name in Drake Lovely, on drums.
It was the beginning of a new artistic path fulfilled by rehearsals, during which several new songs had been created. The purpose was to have a completely original repertoire for gigs and to stop covering famous songs. On the 12th of December 2014, “First” came out. “First” is the result of months passed inside the rehearsal room and the recording studio, a two tracks demo made to promote the band’s work.