! Que Viva El Bandido Rebelde !

Rebelde Black Machine are Andrea Marigo (guitar and voice), Davide Orietti (drums) and Guido Scapoli (bass guitar).!
The band gets to life in October 2012 when Andrea and Guido (ex Re-verbero) hook up with Davide (ex MA.LA.VITA).
They decide to call themselves Rebelde Black Machine to explain the idea of a rebel and out-of-control machine that produces saturated and pressing sounds mixed with harmonies and, at the same time, dirt.
After a few months spent inside the reharsal room sourrounded by the Colli Euganei, they start from summer 2013 playing live shows around the Padova area (including the 2013 edition of the So Far So Good Festival).
Recently they won the 2013 edition of the Sound Abano.
By the Autumn of 2013 they record their first EP at Bunker Studio, it will be finished by the Spring of 2014.
A few months old embryo in full (R)evolution.