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Testo della canzone

It makes me feel alright
Every day around eight
When the sun is getting
Lower and lower

The daylight is fading
And the night is beginning
It's another world
I'm facing now

I'm dressing up myself
The way I can't at day
Well I'm changing my mind
This time I'm right another man

Keep the fire burning
And the lightning striking
Keep the fire burning
'Till the morning light
Keep the fire burning
And the thunder roaring
Keep the fire burning
Out of control

Walking the streets
No one else on my way
Can believe that I'm
The king of town

Built the destroy
With my headlight spots
I'm searching for someone
To burn

Ohoo Yeah
No one is stronger than me
At night
Seems like I'm just another man

Album che contiene Keep The Fire Burning

album Handle With Care - Revenge
Handle With Care 2006 - Rock, Pop, Funk

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