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Testo della canzone

Tell me of all the things I've never seen.
And it's the strange days and all those echoes in between.

It always makes me sad to be here.
It isn't what it seems.
I think of all the precious time I've wasted,
While you live your life in dreams.

[Heaven,] how much more there is in me.
I'm in a blind rage for all the feelings that I need.
If I could find some hope tomorrow,
Then I'll hear you scream.
I can't believe the words you're saying!
The truth means more to me.

Nothing ever lasts forever.
It's the same for you I'm sure.
All the things we did together,
They just hurt me more and more.

Nothing ever lasts forever.
It's the same for you I'm sure.
Although like now they seem like never.
[Meet another open door.]

Album che contiene Slave

album No Pain No Gain Live 1991 - Revenge
No Pain No Gain Live 1991 - Rock, Pop, Funk

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