Biografia Saber Système

Saber Système
The project Saber Système was born in 2014 but it finds its origins in the Occitan traditional music courses promoted in 2012 and 2013 by the Gai Saber cultural association. All the courses students who live in the Piedmont territory of Cuneo developed an autonomous musical project which main feature is the relation with the linguistic and cultural aspects of a frontier territory between Italy and France. Languages used for their songs are in fact Italian, Occitan, French and Spanish with a mixture that can be easily understood by all the people of the Neolatin languages, while the music melts the traditional roots with electronic sounds of the todays pop music.
Saber Système i.e. “knowledge system” means to keep its own roots looking at the future.
1 – Antonio RAPA: voice
2 – Maddalena GIUSO: voice and flute
3 – Fatima CAMARA: voice
4 – Beatrice CONTA: keyboards and sound system
5 – Linda OGGERO: drums
6 – Maria Vittoria GIRAUD0 – acoustic guitar
7 - Anna Cavallera - flute, guitar and voice

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