Saliva - King Of The Stereo testo lyric


Massive, drastic, classic, I'm interactive
You put me in your computer Ima crash it
My claim to fame is my brain insane
And if the blame is framed then Ima smash it

I'm back again and on a rampage
Spittin' pain and fables onto a new page
Around the corner I'm comin'
There ain't no use in you runnin'
And now I'm pushin' the button into a new age

The whole world is waiting for the
Waiting for the, waiting for the

(Woop Woop)King of the Stereo
This is too damn hot
King of the Stereo(x2)

I think we've prove that history's being made now
I see you suckas got nothin' that you can say now
And all the others who've fallen
With all their fakin' and ballin'
The kitchen's too damn hot for you to stay now

To everybody who's left you better recognize
Throw your hands in the air
And let me see your eyes
It only took one song for you to realize
Click, click, boom, the king is here tonight


You can't catch me
You can't kill me
You can't break me
You can't catch mee
You can't kill me
You can't break me
Turn it up!



La canzone King Of The Stereo si trova nell'album Blood Stained Love Story uscito nel 2007.

Copertina dell'album Blood Stained Love Story, di Saliva

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