SaVino! is an electronic music productor from Italy.

His musical career started at the young age of 15,hip hop became really quickly one of his
passion where guided him closer to the world of music.
This has giving to him desires to express thoughts in rhyme at first and also with the
help and teaching of his partner ever Yo!End, he accomplished to create a first beats in
Black key.
As electronic music became really popular around that time in Italy,producer become to
contaminate its sound, in the 2010 that comes to light 'Stikerz':a musical project created
in collaboration with his close friend and producer Yo!End.

The duo quickly received immediate acclaim from blogs and forums after the publication
of their first track 'No more trouble', and in 2012 that Stikerz debut with the their
first official EP, released by the label bonds records and titled 'Black EP': a collection
of eight tracks in which Dubstep and Drumnbass influence has the upper hand but not the
exclusive (as Stikerz usual)!
From the release of the EP to date, SalVino! has not stopped producing solo and for the
group, expanding its range of musical influences from warm and relaxed sounds as jazz
,soul and blues, to faster and trippy rhythms as psytrance or trip-hop, leadin to the
birth of new and experimental music hard to find in the current scenario, and which is
well worth to listen.