Biografia Dj UèCervone

Dario Cervo is a mathematician. He works as system engineer for a wellknown multinational company of information technology. He starts to select and play World Music to the beginning of the 90's. Its djset are accredited and attended in many napolitan clubs (Velvet, Kestè, Vineria del Centro, Vineria di Baia, Lido Turistico, Rising South, SuperFly, Smove, Vibes, Nabilah, Arenile di Bagnoli). He plays after concert like The Kocani Orkestar, Cesaria Evora, Tambour du Bronx, Cheick Lo, Noah and Youssou'n Dour during the Neapolis Festival 2002. Participates to the Ariano Irpino Folk Festival and the 'Sguardo di Ulisse' (annual rewiew of musics from the world, one of the central event of the Summer in Naples Feast). In 2003 it collaborates to the realization of 'Afrobeach', compilation for Undiscovered Editions, expression of Dance and African Roots music. In 2004 he also participates to the 'Turistico' compilation, Undiscovered Editions, with to all the others djs that made famous the summery evenings of the Lido in the Flegrea coast. In 2005 and 2006 participates to the Negro Festival, review of ethnic music in the Pertosa's Grotto in Salerno. 2008 is the year of the big success at Ariano Irpino Folk Festival and finally… Sangennarobar in the shops, with Microcosmo Dischi.

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