Screaming Eyes reborn from the ashes of a band from Mondovì (north-west of Italy) active from 2000 to 2007. Everything restarted when Andrea (bass), Bruno (vocals) and Mattia (guitar) got back in touch after a year from the breaking up. Since the former drummer and guitarist were no longer available, they had to find a new drum player. Fate drove the three of them to ask a friend who had always liked the band and had already played in a death metal band with Andrea; that is how Mattia's (drums) adventure with the brand new Screaming Eyes started. After few training days they realized that there was something really cool going on, so they decided to look for another guitarist in order to express better the sound they had in mind. This time it took a bit longer to find the right person, but, after some attempts they met Amedeo, who turned to be the perfect person for the project and immediately became a good mate and the new Screaming Eyes' guitarist. It took just few months to compose some tunes that satisfied the five, which, in the beginning of 2010, had been recorded between the Noise Factory Studio (Milan) and the Metal House Studio (Turin), produced by Ettore Rigotti (Disarmonia Mundi), on a promo cd titled "Still Breathing". The good responses about "Still Breathing" brought the band to sign with This Is Core Music in May 2011 a contract for the full length album recorded by Becko (Hopes Die Last, Everland) and Cresta (Doomsday, Everland) at the Skie Studio in Rome, the album, titled "Greed" will be out on October, 20th.