Secret Sphere - Hamelin testo lyric


[Aurienne (Child):]
I feel my heartbeat's slowly rising
And all my memories disperse in the wind,
Surrounded by a mysterious tune i'm dancing
Without thoughts I follow you, I follow my desire

[The Piiper:]
You are a liar,
I'll take your innocence,
You'll pay this way

[The Piper:]
Come into my world children,
Now close your eyes
And dance with me, forget your name,
Small creatures, children and all,
You have to free your mind from the past
And to follow my notes

[Aurienne (Child):]
All around me,
Everywhere here reigns a silence,
Now the rain is falling down and the moon
Stands pale in the sky,
Creatures of night, where may I be?
Small eyes are staring in darkness,
Creatures of night, guide me to my home,
Guide wherever you please

[The Piper:]
Here I am,
I'm your savior,
You will be free

[#CHORUS] the rain is falling down and a new city is born...


La canzone Hamelin si trova nell'album A Time Nevercome uscito nel -0001.

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