Secret Sphere - No Reason Why testo lyric


Washed away like leaves by the wind
His heart's a desert... and storm in that image

...there is no reason why
As she woke up

Another day was starting
In her eyes he could see the clouds with the dreams
And all the emotions she had in life
Of this all it only remains a body
That he loved, no one more lives behind those eyes
Those beautiful eyes

We live in a world where the shadows rule
Constantly fighting trying hard to gain more...
Why don't we take a rest?
We live in a world where the shadows rule
Constantly wondering where we're coming form
And why we should go

Nothing and no more
Should break a dream, a love, a life
It always happens
There is no reason why

It was a life, simple as the others, beautiful
As the night before, they were in bed
Hand in hand laughing on a funny day
Imagine them in those weird and sweet moments
Never back, of this all... only a body he tires
Not to love anymore

Where is your soul now?
Where are you crying eyes now?
Where are those arms surrounding me?
Where are those lips?
I am missing you...

I call your name in silence
Into the darken' lights
Always preying that one day this
Nightmare ends
A sound will break the silence
And I will hear your voice again
In the heart of a night


La canzone No Reason Why si trova nell'album Heart And Anger uscito nel -0001.

L'articolo Secret Sphere - No Reason Why testo lyric di Secret Sphere è apparso su il 2002-01-15 00:00:00


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