Secret Sphere - The Brave testo lyric


[The Sphere:]
Bagpipes resound
In the scottish silent
And cold wind of war,
Attention and strain, oh cross th field,
Looks against other looks,
Hate, justice and rage,
Freedom's the dream of a nation

[Aurienne (William):]
Oh sons of Scotland
We're here for our life,
We are born to be free
And so we'll be!

[Aurienne (William):]
All man die,
But not too many of them live actually,
It's your eyes and your hear,
They can steal our life but not
Our liberty's much stronger than fear

[Aurienne (William):]
I see the colours
Of Scotland united
Victory is now in our hands,
Here among
The screams of joy,
Sweat and blood,
The only word is freedom now
...dreams of freedom...


[Aurienne (William):]
Hate, justice and rage,
Fight for your rights, fight for your life


[The Sphere:]
High battlecries,
Among these mountains,
Fight for your rigths, fight for your life




[Aurienne (William):]
Cry no more,
Wind is blowing far the tears
Can't imprison me 'cause freedom
Will live on her lips


La canzone The Brave si trova nell'album A Time Nevercome uscito nel -0001.

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