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A Look in the Mirror
2008 - Rock, Metal, Alternativo
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New day's coming, resurrection time
I'll go on by myself
And remember every moment I
Every whisper I've held through my skin in this life

New sun's shining, such a different light
Nothing seems more the same
Shadow's dancing and I feel inside
Inside where heavy thoughts sift through dust and the lies

We're crawling under
find a way to disappear
(don't wanna go, no we don't wanna go!)
Ready to get up and
Show that I am right in front of you

Call out my name
Hold me closer
Bring me up, I can't live this way
Throw away
All my life and bring me to a place where I can breathe!
Hold me close, where I can breathe...

New day's coming, resurrection time
Maybe everything's different inside in my mind


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