Several Union The Game (feat. Olly)

Cesena (FC), Emilia Romagna

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Awake From The Game
2011 - Rock, Metal, Alternativo
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Itʼs just another day
Youʼll never see me fail again
Understanding how to rise above my falls
Iʼm gonna fight today
So I keep driving without brakes
In the end Iʼve never felt alive before

Crawl and bleed
to collect all my sins
the clock ticks my life
away away from the game

Everything I become (Iʼm not giving up)
Sudden rise, sudden falls (I will do my best)
Watching back I got lost
Till the end comes

Itʼs just another day
The rage is flooding through my veins
Like a poison I have never taste before

Afraid to fall, afraid to fall
In the dark side, in the dark side

Iʼll drive along
Iʼll drive along the way
Through the wounds I see, till I feel within
ʻcause Iʼm right here to stay


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