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A Look in the Mirror
2008 - Rock, Metal, Alternativo
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For all the times
I tried to take you with me
And all I've got
were only ashes of a dream
I tried so hard
I tried so hard to tell you
What I've become
When all this time has passed me through

So wake me up
The way is right behind you
I missed it once
The same I took so long ago
So hurry up
The ghosts are chasing me now
Don't look around
Until the morning's coming

We're waiting for the rain
To wash the lies, to free the light
And separate the truth from all the sins
So we could see, so we could breathe

Time, it's not so much
to joke up with the death I know
Don't be so shy
And look the tracks of all my wounds
I cannot hide
The map of what in life I've done
So wake me up
Until you know it's coming

For all the times that I try,
for all the times that I die!


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