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Run to the sun blind shelter for my head
You'll make me laugh and cry
I don't know what's happening to me
But certainly it's true
All the trive no come against my dreams
But remember when I used to smoke and bite
Rasta tribes don't look for the future
Live your day more and more happy on a cloud
Save the grudge and open your mood in myself
Desperations can say my prayers
Try to find a new world where there is kindness
And love forever in my alone little earth
No remorse waiting for nothing better
No remorse for every boring problem
No remorse we should play for livin'
No remorse it's time to paranoid no more


La canzone Rasta Tribes si trova nell'album Punk.billy.ska.core (2 cd) uscito nel 2000 per Ammonia Records, V2 Records Italia.

Copertina dell'album Punk.billy.ska.core (2 cd), di Shandon

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