Shandon - Testo Lyrics Sweet dirty girl

Testo della canzone

Oh my little girl you enjoy yourself to roll in the mud
Oh baby what do you want?
Stop tormenting me set me free oh yeah
Oh sweet dirty girl you enjow yourself whipping my beck
Oh no don't bind fast I'm your flatterer but
Set me free oh yeah
Stand back
Wound me and make me cry
Slap me in face and I'll be satisfied
Love me and let me die
Just whip one more time
Until the end of time
You pin heel and your sexy gloves
Yeah I'm crazy but I love you so

Album che contiene Sweet dirty girl

album Punk.billy.ska.core (2 cd) - ShandonPunk.billy.ska.core (2 cd)
2001 - Ska, Rock, Alternativo Ammonia Records, V2 Records Italia
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