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SHESAID is a resolute way to tell stories discovered in the most intimate place of the self.
Fish Out of Water is written with heart and stomach, with no need to keep the sound homogeneous, I’ve let the instruments flow from mind out.


Eleonora Stolfi (born in 1982 in Vigevano) is an Italian singer-songwriter.
She began her career in 1999 performing in local bands as a vocalist and saxophonist until she met her long-term collaborator Valerio Vicentini in 2008. They founded an continue to perform as the electro project, Plasticnoir.
In 2012 Stolfi moved to London to attend The Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance until 2015, when she decided to embark on a new solo-album ‘Fish Out Of Water’. Writing everything alone, Eleonora then shared it with close friends and musicians, who contributed their own unique touches to the project.
The title itself expresses a way of feeling different and uncomfortable as one in modern society, particularly with the music of this century.
She has developed as an artist in the wake of grunge music influences and artists like Nick Cave or Pj Harvey, as well as the soundtrack work of Angelo Badalamenti.


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