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Solifuge was born on January 1999 from the brilliant minds of Carlo "Black King" Campus [Lead Guitar] and Daniele "Pinna" Amatori [Bass Guitar].
In the same year the vocalist Francesco Morena and the drummer Jonah Padella joined the band.
In 2001 they recorded the debut EP "Solifuge" inspired by the dark side of metal.
After an intense line of live shows, the guys took different roads...

In 2008, Carlo, and Francesco decided to reform the band.
Luk [Bass] and Gianluca [Drums] joined Solifuge.
After a few months band activity stopped...but Solifuge's heart still remained beating.

It was 2010 and Solifuge was raised again, with a new line up and a new style.
Mad Curtis joined the band as vocalist, and Solifuge started working hard in the studio creating new songs, performing some live show.

In 2011 all new songs were recorded and the new CD "Through The Loathing Of A Sick Mind" will be released on june, 11, 2012.

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