Splicing were born in september 2013 in Marconia, Basilicata (South Italy), as an independent instrumental project.
The members of the band Alessandro Vitale (saxophone), Antonio Emanuele Raimondo (bass), Antonio Maria D'Onofrio (keyboards), Antonio Dimonte (drums) owe the choice of the name to Matteo Di Biase (guitar), who got interested in RNA splicing during a biology lesson.

Classic funk and acid jazz tracks form the very basis of their musical repertoire, but later on the project evolves towards new genres and gets influenced by various experiments.
Funk, fusion, jazz, roots and progressive melt down in a new, unique vibe, which is fully expressed in the first studio album.
Live performances and the peculiar environment in which Splicing grows contribute to the development of their musical identity with many stylistic influences.
Among the many, "Al Verde" club in Bernalda is noteworthy as the main setting of confrontation with other local musicians and bands, and therefore as a fertile land of growth and ripening.

From summer 2014 to winter 2015 Giulio D'Addurno (percussions) takes part in the splicing project.

In December 2016 the band concludes the recording sessions of their first studio album "splicing".