Symphonic Black Metal

Strige is a symphonic black metal band from the South of Italy (Foggia) born in 2005; it is a project by RobGore and Mikheil who met in Rome and created four tracks, saved for ten years.
In 2014 there was the participation of Angel Darko, whose arrangements enriched the sound.
A fifth song leads to record the EP “Consector”, black metal with a heavy metal touch and classical music orchestral frames, inspired by composers such as Bach, Paganini, Vivaldi, Mozart.
The lyrics have folk, esoteric and historical themes.
Strige band had various partners, such as the guitars played by E. Cardone, the voice in the Tenebrae (cover song of Goblin) by Angy of Impure Domain, artwork by A.Carbone, the technical and sonic support by G. Dentamaro, A. Pontone, the lyrics by S. Colangelo.
The Consector EP is made up of 4 tracks:
1: Puer Apuliae – 2: Legiones Redde (Vare) - 3: Fovea 1943 - 4: De Aufĭdi Cruōre -