Sunlover Records - Specializing in Synthwave, Dreamwave, Space-Disco and Synthpop with that special Italo touch

With the dawn of the synthwave scene, 4 mysterious Italian producers and graphic artists met the first time in Rome to share their common passion: synths, panini from paninaro and 80s aesthetics. From then on the group became a common playground for ideas and collaborations. The different skills within the group were the basis for what Sunlover stands out today: authentic 80s inspired music, graphic and animation. This little Italian factory that comes along with the typical spaghetti attitude and humor combines the influences of the homeland, including styles like italodisco, space disco and -let’s say it loudly- a little bit of trashy feelings. The idea to reawaken this world became Sunlover. The aim of this label is to offer the best quality and much fun to the listener and viewer. Sunlover does it for the passion, like a stallion with a lot of gel and hairspray in the discotheque.