Alpine reggae system

Sisyphos is an Italian band from South-Tyrol, whose musical style is characterized by a combination of dub, roots reggae, jazz and electronic. Originally a group of different styles formed by four musicians in 2003, Sisyphos has gradually become an eight-piece Reggae band. Their sound draws inspiration from almost every type of the Reggae lexicon with some interesting musical innovations. Jazz drenched horn harmonies on a powerful dub-roots rhythm-section encounter a variety of electronic sounds, echoes and delays driven by strong vocals and a three-voice polyphony. The well-written lyrics in three different languages (English, German and Italian) is the consequence of a clash between different cultures characterizing their multicultural identity which goes hand in hand with a strong universal message contained in their musical power.

Their first Album called “Borderclash” was published in 2009. It was the first step in the creation of a new fusion of sounds based on Reggae.

In 2011 they published their first EP “Deep in the Music” in collaboration with one of the best Italian Reggae producers, Mr. Paolo Baldini. During the production of this EP a new style came into being. The increasing integration of electronic elements and the improving technical skills of the band led to the creation of a new musical concept.

In 2013 the band was awarded as best Italian Reggae band by the Rototom European Reggae Contest.
A string of festival performances around Europe followed and set the scene for their upcoming new debut album “Travel Wide”. They were also invited at the legendary Rototom Sunsplash in Spain, during which they were able to give an idea of the originality of their new work.
During the tour the new single, also called “Travel Wide”, was published with their first official video. The internationally awarded body-painting artist Johannes Stötter contributed with his artistic abilities to the creation of very interesting camouflaged scenes.
At the beginning of 2014 they plan to release the new Album produced for the second time in collaboration with Mr. Paolo Baldini.