Tacoma is a town near Olympia , famous for a bridge that collapsed. Stefano (Plasma Expander) and Michele (Nick Rivera and The Flying Pigeons, Oh, Atoms, Franklin Delano, Sunny Day Sets Fire...) started playing in living rooms and bedrooms, they played bathrooms too. Then Michele started a new solo project called Nick Rivera and The Flying Pigeons. In the meanwhile Stefano was feeling sad and blue, like one feels in the middle of the night when there's nobody there and the residual coffee in the cup has gotten rock hard. The only way forward was to learn all the Bob Dylan tunes in a week (a wise man in a rabbit suit told him so) and after a few solo performances in wretched open mics they became a duo called Tacoma, which were gonna play weird folk music. That was in late winter 2007 (hence the rock hard coffee) and spring 2008 saw the weird folkiness melt and spread around, gigging in Camden, Whitechapel, and Soho. Paperscissorsstone Films contacted Tacoma in the spring and asked them to create the soundtrack for their new film, "Shifts", to be shown at the Curzon Soho later in the year. In the summer Tacoma was invited to tour in Sardegna and in North Italy and then to support Chicago based musician Juffage on his European tour. (All of these locations had decent coffee.)