Teodorf è un progetto dell'eclettico produttore e autore italiano della Sugar Music Matteo Buzzanca

TEODORF is a musical concept inspired by Matteo Buzzanca, composer, producer and author based in Milan. He wrote successful songs for Max Gazzè, Luca Carboni, Malika Ayane, Francesca Michielin, Marco Mengoni, Emma Marrone, Giusy Ferreri, Noemi and many others.
The project is embodied by a pop-alternative band with choral melodic, electronic and acoustic elements. The music is influenced by shoegaze, new wave, classical and electronic and lyrics are inspired by philosophical and existentialist concepts. The band's line-up includes Domenico Calabrò on guitars and Olmo Costa on drums.
Teodorf songs are close to an alternative pop where acoustic elements meet electronic sounds and rhythms. The voice is a whisper light or a rich tapestry choir. Words are inspired by suggestions from philosophical concepts and existential talks about what we are, what we want to be.
The self-title debut album has been realized with Ken Thomas (legendary record producer worked with Sigur Ros, Moby, Dave Gahan, M83, Yan Tiersen and many others) who mixed all the tracks, featuring Polly Paulusma, Vincenzo Vasi, Tommaso Cappellato.